Ed was born in Manchester in 1984; Jenn in Edinburgh in 1986. They met while studying at the University of Warwick (both doing Computer Systems Engineering, with Ed one year above Jenn).

They currently live in Macclesfield (Cheshire), where Ed is in his final year completing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering with AstraZeneca. Jenn is on a teacher training course with the Open University, with a view to becoming a maths teacher in a secondary school. They both hope to have finished their respective courses by the wedding!

They both love being active outdoors and often go hill-walking, kayaking or rock climbing together. They share an interest in computers, which is one of the reasons the first thing they did to plan their wedding was create a website!

Jenn is also very keen on travelling in Europe, and generally drags Ed along too; together they have been to countries such as Norway, Germany and Poland. In February 2009, they travelled to Prague together - Jenn's favourite city - and Ed proposed on a bench in Kampa Park.

When they complete their studies, they intend to take a late gap year and travel together. They currently have a rather reserved list of 31 places to go to - all in Europe!